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Our bi-weekly breakfast networking event in Peterborough was the first networking event we set up under the Connect Business Networking banner and it very quickly became a big success. We have around 40 members attending every other Thursday morning and in 2018, the first full year of the group, over £250,000 was passed between members in the group!

We hold our breakfast networking events in Peterborough every other Thursday. The event starts at 8.00am.

The networking event starts at 7.30am with a welcome from Jason which is followed by our 45 second pitches. These give members and guests to the networking event a chance to promote their business, what they do and the people they want to work with to the room. All members have a delegates list so they can note down any contacts that they connect the members with and if they want to follow up on something that member said.

Next up is one of the best times of the meeting; breakfast! At The Marriott Hotel we are treated to a huge buffet selection of cereals, fruit, pastries, full English breakfast items, pancakes, muffins, cheese, meats and freshly made omelettes. Networkers can help themselves to a breakfast of their choice before returning to the room to network with those at the table.

We then have our first spotlight talk of the meeting. This is a ten minute talk by a Connect Business Networking member. We give our members the opportunity to talk about their business to the room for 10 minutes. In this talk they can promote their own business, tell others more about who they are and what they do, or share a special member offer with the room.

The first spotlight talk is followed by a 1-2-1 session. Networkers are matched up with other networkers at random and they get the chance to talk together for 10 minutes. This gives the business owners and people in business within the room, a chance to get to know more about each other and the businesses they work in.

A second spotlight talk by a networking member follows our 1-2-1’s. This opportunity is given to all of our members and works with our values of Know, Like and Trust. During the spotlight talk people in the room gain a better understanding of the business and get to know the person better – in turn this results in more referrals for the spotlight speaker.

We close our meeting after passing referrals in the room. These referrals are tracked and recorded so we can see how much business is passed between Connect Business Networking members.

Our breakfast networking events in Peterborough work really well for people that like to network before a day at work. If you enjoy morning networking events but haven’t yet found the right one for you, then why not come along for a visit one time?

We look forward to welcoming you with a hot beverage and a smile soon...

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Stamford - 7:30am

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15th Sept - Breakfast Event

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16th Sept - Breakfast Event

Peterborough - 7:30am

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