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Connect Business Networking is a friendly, engaging and informal networking group in Peterborough with a great lay out that really works for our members. We run a selection of networking events including a lunchtime networking group, a breakfast networking group, social events and training meetings. Please see below to find out more;

Connect Business Networking Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast Networking

We set up Connect Business Networking breakfast event in Peterborough for business owners and people in business that love early morning networking events but hadn’t found the right one. Our breakfast networking event in Peterborough runs every other Thursday and attracts networkers that enjoy networking over breakfast before going to the office for the day.

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Connect Business Networking Lunch Meetings

Lunch Networking

The Connect Business Networking “Let’s Do Lunch” events in Peterborough were created after we had set up a successful breakfast event. Lots of people in business and business owners were telling us that they loved the idea of Connect Business Networking, but mornings didn’t work for them. This is when Connect Business Networking lunchtime networking was born. Our lunchtime group meets once a month on a Friday lunch and is really enjoyed by those that love mid-day networking in Peterborough.

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Connect Business Networking After Hours Events

Connect After Hours

We asked the question does Peterborough need an evening networking event? The general concencus was YES but it depends on the following things time (how long and how often), food & drink, cost, format, fun & interactive with no lock out.

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Connect Business Networking Social Events

Social Events

Connect Business Networking was created with values of know, like and trust. We strongly believe that people buy people and this is why we encourage our members to get to know each other and each others’ businesses, so they can like the person, and trust them to pass onto their business and personal contacts. Our social events offer that extra way for our members to know, like and trust each other, which results in more referrals being passed within our groups.

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Connect Business Networking Training Meetings

Training Meetings

As network marketers, business owners and huge advocates of networking ourselves, we believe that you should all be learning new things. Every day really is a school day. At Connect Business Networking we are lucky enough to have a huge wealth of knowledge, experience and skills from our members and we use our training meetings to help our members, as well as other business owners in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

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