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Morning Networking Vs Lunchtime Networking in Peterborough

Morning Networking Vs Lunchtime Networking in Peterborough
Morning Networking Vs Lunchtime Networking in Peterborough

Here at Connect Business Networking we run a breakfast networking event in Peterborough and a lunchtime networking event in Peterborough. Both of these networking events have different attending businesses and for good reasons too.

But which is better; networking in Peterborough over breakfast or over lunch?

Breakfast Networking in Peterborough

This is a great event for those early birds and people that wake up bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the day. The breakfast networking group starts at 7.30am and you can be away by 9.30am and on your way to the office. If you like to get your day started in a positive, motivational and productive way then Connect Business Networking breakfast events are ideal for you.

Lunchtime Networking in Peterborough

If you like to get stuck into work at the office from the minute the business opens, or perhaps you have school runs and children to look after in the morning? In this case the Connect Business Networking lunchtime events will work best for you. Our lunchtime networking event in Peterborough takes place from 12.30pm and you can be away at 2.30pm which gives you plenty of time to pick the kids up from school or to get back to the office to follow up on any leads or referrals.

Both of our networking events in Peterborough work perfectly for different people, the best way to decide if the lunchtime or breakfast networking event works best for you is to give both a try. You’ll always be made to feel welcome and you may even know a few faces in the room already.

You can come twice as guest to get a feel for Connect Business Networking and to meet our members, and there is no-pressure to join. If you think that our networking events, layout and format will work for you and there is no other members in your sector then you are welcome to join!


Contact Jason Yearwood directly to find out more, to check out our next dates or to book onto the guest list. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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