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Tasks For A Virtual Assistant

What kind of tasks should you give your Virtual Assistant?

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business is simply because they try to do everything! This includes tasks that they may not be skilled at, and they may not enjoy. This is where a virtual assistant can help!

A virtual assistant is person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location, or on site.

Below is a list of tasks that can be undertaken by virtual assistant. 

General Administration

Here at Setchfield VA Services we are experts in administration and organisation. From data entry, research, typing and more!

Clients who were getting bogged down with admin tasks that have now outsourced their paperwork to us, have been able to find the time to focus on the important tasks in their business. Whilst knowing that the task is in capable hands.

Executive Business Support

Our executive business support package allows you to get on with your business knowing tasks are being handled with care and professionalism.

NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are signed as standard with any business done with Setchfield VA Services.

Home Life Planner and Organiser

“You work for yourself; you must have so much free time to do what you want” … does that sound familiar to you? It’s a statement that often infuriates small business owners as it’s just not true!

It’s far too easy to put off the things that make you the happiest as you get tied up with the day to day things.

Let Setchfield VA Services organise your time so you can make the most of it.

On Site Minute Taking

Setchfield VA Services offers a complete on-site minute taking service across locations in Peterborough, Stamford and surrounding areas.

Minutes are typed during the meeting and formatted within a 24-hour turnaround, dependent on the length of meeting and client’s requirements. 

Book Keeping

Are you finding you are spending hours looking at income and expenditure on a monthly basis?

We offer a great Book Keeping Package designed around your business.

Credit Control

We hope this is a service you would never have to use, but cash flow problems are still the main reason for business failure.

Unpaid invoices and slow payers are just some of the things that Setchfield VA Services can assist you with. Taking away the stress and frustrating that credit control can present.

Diary and Email Management

Are you constantly missing appointments, turning up late and always stressed?

Remember first impressions count.

Our Diary and Email Management Service ensures that you know where you need to be, when, and how long you’ll need to allow to travel there. Along with appointment booking, you’ll never be late again!

Digital Re-Organisation

A messy desktop is not an efficient one.

Disorganised filing systems, duplicate folders and items not where they are supposed to be – Setchfield Virtual Assistant Services can help you get organised and stay organised. 


Finding the right facts, ideas, and prices can be a strenuous task- especially when you don’t have the time!

We can take the task from you and deliver exactly what you need to know.

Travel Arrangements

Business or pleasure, formal or fun. We can take the stress out of your travel – book flights, hotels and car rental, even your restaurants. 

Audio Transcription

Reports, proposals, presentations, meetings, emails or more!

Dictate these, send them over to us and we will have them typed and returned to your inbox in no time.


If any of these services sound like they would benefit you please email Heidi at:


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