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The Benefits of Business Networking

There’s no denying that networking has changed drastically over the last few months; it’s had to. Like many businesses, networking groups have been forced to evolve their practices. 

Tasks For A Virtual Assistant

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business is simply because they try to do everything! This includes tasks that they may not be skilled at, and they may not enjoy. This is where a virtual assistant can help!

Morning Networking Vs Lunchtime Networking in Peterborough

Here at Connect Business Networking we run a breakfast networking event in Peterborough and a lunchtime networking event in Peterborough...

How To Find The Right Networking Event in Peterborough For You!

When you are starting out in the networking world it is sometimes not unusual to feel let down or disappointed when you leave an event...

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Your Elevator Pitch

Here at Connect Business Networking we give our attendees the chance to stand up and talk about their business...

A Beginners Guide To Networking In Peterborough

Networking is a brilliant way to promote your business, meet new people, engage with your target audience, increase your brand awareness...